Exploring present and future cases of immersive storytelling and new media, Future As Fiction brings together pioneering artists, performers and experts at the forefront of these fields. 

From August 16 - 20, this edition of EyeMyth will traverse multiple locations in Mumbai to create, discover and engage with new elements in the digital space. Welcome to the 2017 edition of EyeMyth Media Arts Festival, which is also the occasion to reveal the Indian Centre for Immersive Media - a collaboration between ISDI and UnBox.


EyeMyth 2017 Schedule



16 - 20 August | Workshop : AR Street Art Crew | ISDI Ace

9.30 AM to 6.00 PM | Registration only

The Augmented Reality Street Art Crew explores new dimensions in public art through immersive media. A collaboration at EyeMyth 2017 with Start Foundation and ISDI's Indian Centre for Immersive Media - the debut edition of AR Street Art Crew is an experiment that uses playful technology as a tool and speculative science fiction as the narrative strategy. The outcomes of this workshop will be re articulated as a larger public exhibition at a later date.

Workshop venue: ISDI ACE

16 - 20 August | Workshop : VR Storytellers Guild #02 | ISDI Ace

9.30 AM to 6.00 PM | Registration only

The Virtual Reality Storytellers Guild is a new community to shape the future of Indian VR content. Created in partnership with Nasscom, the Indian Centre for Immersive Media at ISDI and Crossover Labs, the Guild has an objective of catalysing Indian storytelling in VR by building professional communities for learning, sharing and entrepreneurship. Now in it's second edition, the Guild is exploring international partnerships to take its creators and content to global Immersive Media showcases.

Motion Capture Session with Centroid

3:00 PM Onwards | 17 August

Centroid, established in 1996 boasts one of the industry's largest and most advanced facilities available today. Their recent successful R&D in VR was Full Performance Capture solution(Face and body) in Realtime on Unreal Engine.

Workshop venue: ISDI ACE

18 - 20 August | Immersive Media Showcase | ISDI ACE

11.00 AM to 7.00 PM | Open Event

Immersive Media promises high engagement, and while its narrow definition includes the presence of new technology, its expanded notion is inclusive of a range of sensory and emotive experiences that create a sense of immersion in context, storytelling and meaning.

The centerpiece of the showcase is a Virtual Reality Cinema curated by award winning producers Crossover Labs (UK) and also features augmented reality projects, installation art, concept art and video art by established and emerging international artists, film makers and storytellers.


Easter Rising by Oscar Raby | VROTV (Aus) | Crossover Labs | BBC (UK)

Across by Christopher W. Bailey (Aus)

Horizon by Owen Hindley | Yuli Levtov | David Li | Leif Podhajsky | Bonobo/Horizons Studio (UK)

Yeh Ballet by Sooni Taraporevala | Memsys (India)

Nirupane by Jyoti Narayan, Ashish Dubey (India)

When Borders Move by Shubhangi Swarup | Memsys (India)

Ashes to Ashes by Steye Hallema | Ingejan Ligthart Schenk | Jamille van Wijngaarden | Submarine Channel (Netherlands)

Blindfold by Vassiliki Khonsari | Navid Khonsari | Ink Stories (USA)

Out of Exile by Nonny de la Pena | Emblematic Group (USA)


Geist by Zain Memon

Where To? by Kshitiz Sharma

Here-In-Time by Akshita Mehta


Mastering the Missus and Mistering to the Masses

A gender bending series by 14 artists for Design Fabric

Duet by Quicksand (India) | Invisible Flock (UK)

#arthistorywithcode by Abhinav Mishra

Objectify Me by Salil Parekh

Generative Diary by Yash and Salil for Alt-Q

UnBox Cultural Futures by Unbox Festival



Honor 8 by Huawei

Huawei - in partnership with Jaunt - presents the Honour 8. The device is built for the ultimate mobile entertainment experience. The innovative packaging transforms into a cardboard viewer and a pre-installed Jaunt VR app, through which the phone delivers a truly cinematic virtual reality experience.

Medicine Corner by BLOT!

Antariksha Sanchar: Transmissions in Space by Quicksand Games Lab

18 August | 'Future Fiction' | Antisocial, Khar

6.30 PM to 01.00 AM | Ticketed Event

EyeMyth Media Arts Festival presents 'Future Fiction': An evening of award winning film screenings and audiovisual performances by contemporary Indian artists exploring the borders of reality and fiction.

BAFTA Award winning Live Action and Shorts 2017

Ticket at INR 300

A screening of award-winning animation and live action short films from the British Academy Film Awards, featuring works by Andrea Harkin, Samir Mehanovic, Jennifer Zheng and others. Total run time 98 mins

The Party by Andrea Harkin

A Love Story by Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara

Mouth Of Hell by Samir Mehanovic

Standby by Charlotte Regan

Tough by Jennifer Zheng

Consumed by Richard John Seymour

The Alan Dimension by Jac Clinch

Home by Daniel Mulloy

EyeMyth After Dark

Ticket at INR 500

A set of audiovisual performances by contemporary Indian artists.

FILM feat. Alt-Q
FILM's sonic vision pulls together elements of house and techno with influences from Hip Hop, Jungle and even pop music. He is accompanied for his live set by the visual collective Alt-Q - who are crafting a collage of moody, found footage from India overlaid with sound-reactive motion graphics.

Strange Movements
Strange Movements is a live AV showcase by Mumbai-based artists Spryk and thebigfatminimalist. Splicing various new media techniques, the duo have created an original dance floor experience that immerses its audience in a world of sound and light.

19 August | RBMA : Diggin' In The Carts // Soichi Terada | ISDI ACE

5.00 PM to 8.00 PM | Invite Only

Featuring wide-ranging discussions between Nick Dwyer and Soichi Terada, the Sessions will give attendees a taste of what a day at the Academy actually feels like, with lectures, free exchange of ideas among participants, and mutual inspiration. The Sessions will also include a screening of episodes 1, 2 and 4 of Diggin’ in the Carts – a pioneering documentary series exploring how Japanese video game music became a global, cultural phenomenon — and a Q&A with the director Nick Dwyer, DJ and radio host. It will also to give the audience an insight into the world of video game music and a window to the explosion of dance culture in Tokyo from the late 80s through the 1990s with which Soichi Terada was a pioneer.

19 August | Red Bull Music Academy Mumbai Session X EyeMyth | Summer House Cafe

8.00 PM Onwards | Open Event

Red Bull Music Academy brings to EyeMyth the Japanese house music legend Soichi Terada and Nick Dwyer, one-half of Weird Together.

Terada is mostly recognised for his iconic contribution to Japanese video game music, although thanks to the reissuing of his classic works courtesy of acclaimed Dutch label Rush Hour, a whole new global audience is falling in love with his now decades old productions.

Through the 80s and 90s, Terada – along with a handful of other Japanese producers like Shinichiro Yokota – cooked up his own melodically rich slant on house music. Ranging in style from personable and fun to more moody and soulful, Terada has a broad sound palette that is full of humour and real character.

Dwyer’s duo Weird Together represents a seamless blend of organic music discovery and collaboration. On this tour, Dwyer will also play out little-known gems from Japanese video game music that, for the most part, have rarely been heard outside of Japan.

20 August | Conference : 'Immersive Futures' | ISDI ACE

5.00 PM to 8.00 PM | RSVP

eMail — diylab@isdi.in, Subject — EyeMyth Conference

EyeMyth will conclude the festival at ISDI with an evening of speculation around immersive media for India, with a lineup of Indian and international artists, designers and technologists. The showcase will present illustrations of new technologies that are innovating across the genres of art, culture and story-telling, while being rooted in genuine expression.

How do new media and digital technology influence the way we perceive our reality and it's temporal notions of past, present and future?

This question can be reversed : How can perceptions of time influence our imagination of emerging technology?

In an analogous reversal — what is then, the position of art - our tool to mediate reality — in a world that's mediated by technology? How does new and pervasive technology allow us to dislocate artistic expression and practice? How will it change the way we perceive our world, identity and cultural practices? How can these technologies disrupt or replace traditional cultural tropes?

EyeMyth asks these questions with curiosity and fascination, while our collaborators answer these with speculation and wonder.


Avinash Kumar, UnBox

Jonathan May, British Council, UK

Ben Eaton and Victoria Pratt, Invisible Flock

Sanket Avlani, Design Fabric

Mark Atkin, Crossover Labs

Chris Bailey

Pranav Ashar, Enlighten VR

The event will also be an opportunity to see the outcomes of the AR and VR workshops held during the festival as well as experience the Immersive Media Showcase at ISDI along with the artists.

*All event timings are subject to change

Upcoming Workshops


Mentors and Artists

Nick Dwyer

Soichi Terada

Christopher W. Bailey

Crossover Labs

Avinash Kumar

Invisible Flock



Street Art Festival

Memesys Culture Lab


Design Fabric


Eyemyth over the years

EyeMyth was created in the Indian digital sub-culture scene in 2011, where it started as a celebration of ‘Visual Music’ at the UnBox Festival in Delhi. Today, it is a media arts festival, unique in its juxtaposition of Indian and global artists and progressive media. 

The last edition of EyeMyth saw a host of performances, installations and screenings under the theme of 'Medium as Somatic Impulse'. In partnership with the Japan Media Arts Festival, it investigated definitions of new media at both a national and global level.


Unbox Festival

Established in 2011, UnBox celebrates interdisciplinary collaborations. With the festival being the central manifest for inspiration, dialogue and hands-on action, it brings together creative, academic, and development professionals keen on pushing the boundaries of their practice.